Our favourite thoughts....

The last six weeks have seen us highlight thoughts by a wide range of men, from Dr Seuss to Mark Twain via Henry Ford and Rumi. All of them were dads. Henry Ford and Douglas Adams both had one child each, whilst Rumi and Mark Twain had four. Dr Seuss was a stepdad to two daughters and created some remarkable stories and poems for kids. The quotes themselves are not reflections on fatherhood, parenting or children, but we wanted to highlight the fact that they were all fathers and that yet this is not what they are known for. When we meet people and they ask us "What do you do?" how many of us answer "I am a dad"? but instead respond with our job title. Did Rumi say "I am a father" or "Poet, Faqih, Scholar, Theologian or whatever particular hat he was wearing that day"? Being a dad is not always our first thought when it comes to labelling would it be for us and our children if it were?


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